Passing of Another President

Over the weekend George H W Bush passed away. I was only a little girl when he was in office. But I can remember him on TV and my parents talking about him. I saddens me to see such an iconic person pass away.

I know that a lot of people have extremely strong feelings for or against our presidents. Regardless of how you feel about them while they are in office, you should show them respect and honor the good they did while serving the highest office after their pass. This what I have seen this past weekend, for the most part. Unfortunately, there those few that have to throw out all his dirty laundry. Like my mom taught me, “if you don’t nothing nice to say then say nothing at all”. This could be more relevant than when we are talking about the recently departed. Allow the family to mourn in peace.

George H W Bush lead us through the first gulf war. This was the first major war since Vietnam. He showed great leadership through this tough time. But when it came to reelection he lost to Bill Clinton. The major reason for his loss was due to a failure to keep a campaign promise of “no new taxes”. When George  H W Bush signed a new tax bill into law he lost a lot of credibility, trust and support. In addition there were other issues brought up that questioned his character.

I want to wish Former President Bush a farewell. He can now join his wife and former presidents that passed before him.

If you want learn more about the 41st president. CBS News did good job covering  George  H W Bush’s presidential legacy.

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