It’s Just Me

Hi there, my name is Lonnie Stevens. I am just a 34-year-old single, hard-working mommy of two wonderful kids. I am recently divorced after a wonderful 10-year marriage that unfortunately soured after nearly a decade.  It wasn’t really either of our faults, we both changed as individuals over the years and it no longer worked for us to continue our marriage. My ex-husband is an excellent father. He still lives on the west but makes the effort to skype the kids a few times a week and fly in to see them quite often. We are still friends and I consider my self very fortunate that our marriage ended much better than most.

Over the summer of 2018, I moved back to my home state of Missouri. After living in California for the last 15 years it was hard leaving the state that was my new home, I really loved it there. But after the divorce, I had to move back to Missouri to be closer to my family, for support as well as help raise my two kiddos. As a single mom, having one source of income made it impossible to afford to live in California while paying daycare for my two kids. I had been a social worker and really loved my job and I was fortunate to find similar work here in St Louis.

I told my self that after I move I wanted to start a journal of the new chapter in my life. A friend advised me that I should start a blog and write my journal there. I was a bit shy about putting it all out there online but I was never really one to be shy so I figured why not. So when I was looking for a name to my blog O decided that I wanted it to name it after my favorite Gilmore girl, Lorelai Gilmore. I can not really relate to her financial background, but I can relate to a lot of other experiences this character went through, so here we are with Lorelai Girls.