A little Me Shopping

Victoria Secrets Black Friday AdEvery year Balck Friday is all about the crazy deals on consumer electronics and the newest gadgets at killer prices. For whatever reason, I never got caught up in all the marketing hoopla that went with this annual tradition. But for whatever reason, I got the impulse this year when I saw this Victoria Secret’s ad. For some reason this year I wanted to splurge on me.

It has been a bit of a rough year. My kids and I just moved halfway across the country, I started a new job, bought a new house, it been almost a years since my divorce and lots of unsuccessful dating experiences. I wanted to feel good about myself and feel sexy.

Every woman wants to feel sexy. For every woman, there is something that makes them feel hot, for me it is a sexy bra or panties. I have always loved fancy undergarments and since I was a teenager I would occasionally treat myself to a few Victoria Secrets items when I could afford them.

The shopping event itself

I have only ventured out into the crowds a few times on Black Friday. the few experiences I had were not good because I don’t like the crowds. For whatever reason this year I felt different about it. Maybe it was because I was on my own for the first time in so many years but I was feeling a bit of need for some change in my life. Just not sure  Balck Friday crowds were the change I was looking for though.

In any case, I left the kids with my parent on the night of Thanksgiving so I could get out early on Friday. In recent years many stores started their Balck Friday sales on Thanksgiving. I really think they are doing this to increase sales and get the first Black Friday shoppers before the max out their credit cards. But I think it had a positive effect on dispersing the crowds because the crowds were very light, r maybe I just got lucky.

What to Buy

There were so many sexy items to chose from and the prices were really good. I ended up picking up several bras and panties that didn’t just look sexy but were also very comfortable. While I was there I picked up some lotion and other small stocking stuffers, some for myself and some for gifts.


I don’t often buy from Victoria Secrets because I can not really afford to, making these purchases a luxury item for me. I was glad that I got out there this past Balck Friday and spoiled myself a little in the process. The new undergarments I have will be for my viewing only as I am still single. Should I meet the right man he might get the pleasure of seeing them and how sexy they make me feel.

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