Kwik Concrete – Importance of Measuring

Measuring your dog for leashes and clothes ensures the safety and comfort of your dog. So, before you purchase clothes or leashes from Kiwk concrete, make sure to determine the right measurement of your dog.

Know the 3 Measurements for Dogs

To measure your dog’s neck, choose the spot where you want to put his collar. Oftentimes, it’s the narrow point between jaw and shoulder. Leave fingers in the tape if you measure. You do not like a collar that is very tight and you like a room for well-fit collar to rest. The next thing to measure is the girth, which is the biggest measurement around the dog’s chest. You would want clothing to fit to this measurement, particularly if you are fitting dogs that travel low to the ground. Loose fit in the chest isn’t only uncomfortable, but also it can be a dangerous as it can cause tripping.

Measure the legs of your dogs if you want to include tutu styles or skirts in the closet of your canine. This is important for small dogs, rear claws and paws may become entangled in netting and skirts. The last measurement you want is the length or back, which is the complicated. T-shirts must be longer than crop shirts, yet shorter than long coats or dresses. For many mid-length shirts, consider measuring from the collar to the back where ribs end. For long coats, go for the tail’s little short. For crop-tops or bolero sweaters, measure behind the front leg to ensure that you leave rooms for free movement.

Footwear and Boots

When purchasing booties for your dogs, your measuring tape would stand you in good stead. Have your dog stand on a paper, then try to trace around his paw. Measure from the front to the back of resulting oval and measure the booties and shoes against that length. If your dog friend has some thick paws, second measurement around foot might come in handy. If you are buying products in person, consider putting your hand in the boots and measure for length.

Consider the Fabric Used

Canine clothes basically come in diverse fabrics. Each of these has its minuses and plusses. Others are practical. Generally, rain-wear is rubberized or nylon. However, fashion clothing comes in everything from polyester to silk. The stretchy fabrics and other materials have percentage of elasticized contents and have give on the size.

How to Measure the Dog’s Leashes

An item that is frequently forgotten in a fitting room is not strictly clothing, yet also benefits from fitting the dog. Properly fitted leashes enable you to show your pampered dog to their best. Typically, walking leashes come in 2, 4, and 6 foot lengths. To avoid tugging, yet still provide good control, your leash must allow you to put your hand on your hip.

Kiwk concrete offers a sizing guide for you to determine the best measurement suitable for your pets. With this, you can be assured that your dog will not experience discomfort while wearing clothing or any accessories.